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You never see a film petualangan Sherina, Janus prajurit terakhir, if you ever see the film you certainly know who in the film. Ya right, he is a derby Romero artists who portray the roles in the petualangan Sherina while still small.

Already some years vacuum cleaner from the art world role, to attend the derby with a new concept engaged Iras as keyboardist, derby Derby configurated Duo launched with its first single entitled "Gelora cinta" is the soundtrack sinetron of derby romero first Sinetron with his friends whom Aryani Fitriana, Dinda Kirana, Micah Tambayong, Tania Putri. Life in Derby asmaranya have a love for 2 years with Inggrid Pangalila that no other artist is the sister of Randy Pangalila.

Derby goal is to become famous solo male performers as well as a powerful actor. He would also like to go international, a hope that he'd like implemented in the near future this century.

-Bios -
Full Name: Derby Romero
Nickname: Derby Romero
Born: Jakarta, 8 June 1990
Religion: Protestant
Hobbies: Basket ball, Swim
Favorite Movies: godfather, running scared, coach carter, Grudge, heroes
Favorite TV Show: mtv pimp my ride

-Sinetron / FTV -

* Cocoon


* Sherina Adventure (2000)
* Janus: Prajurit terakhir (2003)

-Presenter -

* Fantasiana (Trans TV) / 2002

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Derby Romero
Derby Romero

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