Aryani Fitriana Kepompong

Aryani start his career with a winner Favorite Girls Sampul 2002. Then it was a lot of star sinetron and ads.

In the entertainment world since the age of seven years, faces Fitriana Aryani aka Ryan kurniawan start now familiar through the eyes of viewers sinetron 'cocoon'.

Blood of the art bunda a photo of former model, presumably to decrease the Aryani Fitriana Kurniawan. Since small, women, birth 24 May 1988 the familiar disapa Ryan bsa this style when viewing directly in front of mirror.

Signs if Ryan has a talent in the art world akting more visible when an agency for menawarinya Milk ad star Flag. At that time, Ryan was still seven years.

Ibunyanya, Nadia Patricia, directly receive the bid. Correct only when the ad syuting, Ryan is very berakting enjoy. He did not dither the beam lights up the camera from different sides. The director even had time to reveal kekagumannya see Ryan akting a very small natural.

Become a successful ad cilik stars, Ryan receive the role of children in sinetron 'Terlanjur I'. In sinetron, and Ryan's role as a child Devi Permatasari. Although never acting in the ad, but usually a child will be more difficult to adapt to the environment acting basically also be memorize dialogue. However, it is not Ryan had experienced.

When young people, the event Ryan Girls Sampul election. Not suspected, the name was selected to be one of the many finalists. In fact, after going through the selection process and quarantine, Ryan was selected to become champion favorite Girls Sampul 2002.

Degree this seems to be stepping stone, because the event took him back to play in Sinetron entitled Dina and Lisa Rapi Film production. Consecutive Ryan play in sinetron Idola, Olivia, and Doo Bee Doo. In fact, some producers prosduk also mempercayainya ad headline. Though sweet be calculated in demand, but Ryan does not forget to keep menekuni education. For him, is a student price. "I syuting as much as possible after the home study. Because education so that capital is not in demand in the acting world," said freshman semester at the Faculty of Communication 5 Paramadina University, Jakarta.

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Aryani FitrianaAryani FitrianaAryani Fitriana

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Aryani Fitriana Kepompong
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