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Nadila Ernesta Profile :

Nadila Ernesta birth of Jakarta, 4 of Februari 1988 , and next Nadila Ernesta has trying to acting on horor movie like MIRACLE (2007) dan HANTU JEMBATAN ANCOL (2008). and KERETA HANTU MANGGARAI.

Nowadays, Nadila Ernesta couple from Jessi Hamid and Irine Iknata Imelda Hamid studying on Institut Ilmu Fashion Indonesia, besides remain to star a number of film and sinetro.

Nadila Ernesta Education :

Now Nadila Ernesta activities not only syuting, primary school graduates Ricci 2 Pondok Aren, SMP Strada Bhakti Utama Pesanggrahan Bintaro-2003, high school and Ora Et Labora Pondok Indah in 2006 was also a student at the Institute of Science Campus Fashion Indonesia. Hope is soon, if not more carrier in the world of entertainment, Dila obtain stock knowledge to open a boutique business.

Nadila Ernesta Filmography :

* Miracle "Menantang Maut" (2007)
* Hantu Jembatan Ancol (2008)
* Mau Lagi? (2008)
* Kereta Hantu Manggarai (2008)
* Cintaku Selamanya (2008)
* Hantu Rumah Ampera (2009)

Nadila Ernesta Newest Gossip :

Women are not disappointed if a girl womanizer alias playboy. But for players who Ernesta sinetron Nadila also inamorato Eno 'Netral', his girlfriend did not discuss if the playboy.

"Yah no problem, the best boyfriend I was looking," he said while relaxing with Eno found after the event syuting Playlist.
Eno, drummer of the band Neutral, before Nadila together with a first love with the former MTV VJ, Cathy Sharon. When filling the Playlist that is, Eno and Cathy one stage. And not a jealous girlfriend Nadila view met with ex girlfriend?

Both pairs are visible compact. Perplexedly style of Eno Netral never get protest from Nadila in the matter of appearance. Including Nadila who like to dress sexy, Eno is a normal course.

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Nadila ErnestaNadila Ernesta

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