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This is a little history about Baim Wong. Sinetron stars Baim Wong is now the middle of his career over popularity. Men born in Jakarta dare not confess this because young girls. According to Baim, although the presence in the world always sinetron gossip with Marshanda, but Baim confess, he and Marshanda only normal friend.

"I really had with the main sinetron Marshanda. ActingI simply adore him, but it does not mean I Acha and girls," says Baim, who found in one of the events have not been this long.

According to Baim, Before the dive to entertainment, he had also learned akting. However, not so long. Because, he immediately got a bid from the main sinetron Sinemart production. In fact, Baim was sinetron stars four at once.

Asked problem girlfriend, baim not think that this search for love. Because, he was still looking for the concentration of dough. In fact, Baim never dreamed to become a powerful businessman. Therefore, it is now the serious work hard to achieve the dream become a businessman and entertainer.

A little Biography|Profile of Baim Wong:

Name : Baim Wong
Full Name : Muhammad Ibrahim
Nick : Baim
Born : Jakarta, April 1981
Religion : Islam
Father : Johnny Wong
Mother : Kartini Martaadmaja
Height : 177cm
Hobbies : Acting, Sports, Billiards
TK Menteng
SMP-SMA Jakarta
Atmajaya University

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Baim Wong Seksi
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