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Natasya dewanti women born 14 October 1978 has the profession as a sinetron many we see in a sinetron aktingnya in the wrong stasiun we ANTV television that is "silk laughter."
Natasya dewanti initiated his career in the Indonesia entertainment ground water with the selected finalists various magazines in 1992, and after it was women who have this long a beacon to the world away with the headline akting some sinetron unggulannya in some of our television stations. Who has ever star among "Jay Metropolitan Children", "lupus Millennia", "Panji Millennium," "Prayer blessings", "Sarmila", and "I am Miki."

Profile :
Full Name: Natasya Dewanti
Nickname: Tasya
TTL: Jakarta, 14 October 1978
Zodiac: Libra
Name of father: Eddy Hasanudien Z
Mother's Name: Anitha G Soekamto
Husband Name: Dicky Permana
Name of Child: Chara Azalia Permana
Favorite Genre: R & B
Last Education: High School Bandung Hotel nhi

-Sinetron / FTV -

* Jay Metropolitan Children
* Millennia lupus,
* Panji Millennium
* Prayer blessings
* Sarmila
* I am Miki
* Laughter Sutra


* Finalists various magazines in 1992

Natasha Dewanti
Natasha Dewanti

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Foto Profil Natasha Dewanti
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