Sophia Latjuba born in west Germany, 8 August 1970. Former star soap this Lux early width acting in BILUR-BILUR PENYESALAN film at 1987, chummy woman of This Sophie is also known as by model, presenter, advertisement star, and singer. Some solo album and his duet with former its husband, Indra Lesmana, is enough recognized, like tembang Hold On getting appreciation of Best Video Clip in Brasou, Rumania

Sophia Latjuba also partake to star some film like CATATAN SI BOY V (1991), TAKSI (1991), KULDESAK (1999), KETIKA CINTA TELAH BERLALU (1989), VALENTINE (1989), SETEGAR GUNUNG BATU (1988), RIO SANG JUARA (1989).

face of Ayu Sophia Latjuba also come up in a few advertisement like tolak Angin, Betadine, Country Viesta, Digitec Turbo, and advertisement of pariwara soap newest beauty which acted with Eva Celia Lesmana. Sophie also come up in some sinetron: TERLANJUR SAYANG, SETANGKAI BUNGA MAWAR, AKU TAK BERDOSA, DIBALIK ASMARA (FTV), MATA HATI (FTV), TALI KASIH, dan SI KEMBAR, As model, Sophie have posed for dare to in one of the magazine at 1999, and have time to be splashy, because its pose is assumed is naked.

At 18 December 2005, Sophie which is containing married, national man of America, Michael Anthoni Villareal, what still tied with its wife, Louisa Ellen Ibbotson
The Nuptials is nuptials both of Sophie which married with Indra Lesmana at 31 May 1992. that Sophie still have age to 22 year also have to face fact that he pregnant before married. Till finally first putri of him, Eva, born 21 September 1992. Nowadays its attendance of him, Manuella Natasha Azizah make life of complete Sophie progressively, In this time active middle Sophie in social and educational, and fish-net of majors study long distance of Neuro Science in University of Vermint, American.

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