Rezky Aditya Seksi Cowok

Biodata Rezky Aditya :

Full Name : Rezky Aditya
Alternative Name : Rizky Aditya
Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 26 Februari 1985
Zodiak : Pisces
Relationship : Livi (was), Nia Ramadhani (just gossip)
Occupation : Actors
Education : Bina Nusantara University, majoring Industrial Engineering
Hobby : Basket, Hangout

Judul Sinetron :
Cinderella, as Rama play with Cinta Laura, Galih Ginanjar
Benci Jadi Cinta
Peluk Aku 3 Menit
Suci, as Dennis playing with Bunga Zainal, Miller and Bayu Kusumanegara
* Melati Untuk Marvel, as Marvel playing with Chelsea Olivia Wijaya (Melati), Fendy Chow (Dika), Neshia Putri (Shafa), Chris Laurent (Aditya), Afifah Syahira (Aurel), Gracia Indri (Kezia) Photo Pictures Fotos.

Rezky Aditya (born in Jakarta, 26 February 1985; age 24 years) is one of Indonesia. Rezky wide known after playing in sinetron Melati Untuk Marvel and Suci. Previously he has also played in sinetron Putri.

Melati Untuk Marvel, Artis Sinetron, Artis Cowok Keren,

Cowok Ganteng, Cowok Seksi Keren, Hot Boys Photo

Rezky Aditya, some peoples also called as Rizky, Reski, Riski, Rezki or Resky Aditya was born in Jakarta, 26 Februari 1985. Rezky is a sexy young actor in soap Indonesian cinema. He has handsome face, baby face, cute, funny and absoultey hot and sexy boy who have six-pack body. Many cinema television films have been starring him, like as Cinderella, Luna, Benci Bilang Cinta, Putri and his name increasly popular after starring sinetron Suci, as Dennis. At the sinetron movies, Rezky si foto pria tampan act with Miller and Bunga Zainal, the hot and sexiest girls in Indonesia. And after that in sinetron Melati Untuk Marvel, Rezky Aditya playing as Marvel, but that's not porn cinema television. He starring the television cinema together with Chelsea Olivia Wijaya as Melati, Fendy Chow as Dika, Neshia Putri as Shafa, Chris Laurent as Aditya and Gracia Indri as Kezia.

In the role as Marvel in Melati Untuk Marvel, sinetron in the run every night at 7 PM in SCTV television, makes Rezky Aditya beloved tune lovers sinetron both old and young, and especially sexy young girls and auntie cheerful. His handsome face defeat the actors Dude Herlino. Some polls indicate, Rezky get the most praise than Adly Fairuz, Dude Harlino, Randy Pangalila and another actors cinema television Indonesia.

Rezky Aditya known had close relationship with many friends, but just as friends like as Cinta Laura Kiehl, Randy Pangalila, Poppy Bunga the child sexy girls and Nia Ramadhani. Some gossip said, Rezky had close relationship and falling in love with Nia Ramdhani after the intimacy pictures spread on internet. The pictures very hot, sexy and very intimate. But the gossip was lost soon, after Nia Ramadhani had new close relationship with Ardi Bakrie, the son of the richest people in Indonesia, Aburizal Bakrie. But I think, Rezky is cowok ganteng the handsome male actor and will be more popular in the future. Cowok Ganteng.

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