10 Finalis Miss Indonesia 2011

Miss Indonesia 2011 peak evening begins. After opening with the appearance of the artist, the first elimination round leaving the best 10 finalists eligible cruised into the next round.

After displaying the elegance in her dress from Arifan Mas, Rudi Liem and Hengki Kawilarang and accompanied by the appearance of J-rock band, Purple, and rebound nicely sung song Igo and Petra SIH top ten finalist announcement was informed by the host evening events, namely Sandra Angelia and Ferdi Hasan.

The process of the finalists pengerucutan marked by eliminating the 23 finalists, leaving 10 contestants the best. This assessment is based on the overall aspects of where that process has been done since the days of quarantine and initial judging round a few days ago.

"The weight of the initial judging and assessment during the period of quarantine has a role equal to 60 percent, while 40 percent effective when the final night," said Liliana Tanoesoedibjo as the Founder and Chairman of the Jury Team Miss Indonesia to the Legal recently.

Liliana added, weighted 40 percent on the final night will be seen by performing on stage, that is the way they walk, how to answer questions, and how they pose. And of the judging criteria, the 10 names finalists were ditelurkan.

The five jury consisting of Liliana Tanoesoedibjo, Martha Tilaar, Tantowi Yahya, Harry Darsono and Ferry Salim agreed to decide the following names who are entitled to continue to the next stage. They are in between, the finalists from DIY (Red Princess), Banten (Nadya Siddiqa), East Java (Astrid Ellena Indriana Yunadi), Jakarta (Fatya Ginanjarsari), West Java (Nita Sofiani), Bali (Putu Tri Utami Moon), Papua West (Amanda Roberta Zevannya). The three other contestants selected based on the session "fast track", in which bases its assessment on the session talent show, catwalk and sports competition. Three lucky finalists are Bangka Belitung (Eviliana), West Kalimantan (Kayla Natalia Hamam), and Central Kalimantan (Madhina Nur Muthia).

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10 Finalis Miss Indonesia 2011
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