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Having satisfied the profession as a model and film star, Belle Kalalo want to climb a career in feature films to play in the movie 'Mafia Insyaf'. The film, many scenes resemble such action makes Belle should practice martial arts under the guidance of a mentor for six months. Beau did not mind if he should fight like men in this film. "On the power and expression should look, not like a girl really," he said when met at a mall in Jakarta, Monday, October 25, 2010.

Belle was no stranger to the martial arts. "Two years ago I had a chance to learn Muay Thai. I just love sports martial. For women, the need for a precaution, we never know when it will be attacked," he explains. Not only that, the action movie that will be starring together the Tora Sudiro, Bayer also melakoni exciting scenes wearing a bikini and having sex in the pool with Kiran Sindhu, co-star.

How he felt while playing the hot scenes?

Beautiful chill out to respond. "uncomfortable still uncertain. When filming I'm not allowed to have that on the set, except the director and the opponent play me," said the woman was tall and slender.

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Foto Hot Sexy Indah Kalalo
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