Foto Dian Sastro Hamil

Foto Dian Sastro Hamil
Foto Dian Sastro Hamil1
Foto Dian Sastro Hamil2

Dian Sastro remain her activity in pregnancy. Sutowo Indraguna wife husband had not complained.

"They were very supportive partner.'s husband supports Dian with its activities," said manager Dian, Vishnu Darmawan said in Jakarta recently.

Gestational age of this beautiful actress has now been 5.5 months. With conditions growing belly bulge, Diana is still active filling charity. Stars are popular through the film "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta" was grateful there were no problems with her ​​pregnancy.

"I was again waiting for a new family member who will appear shortly. But thank God, there are no complications. There is no problem with this pregnancy," says Diane.

Working with conditions containing baby's first no-load means Diana lived.

"I do not feel burdened. So I can stay active as usual, and I can still be busy taking care of this event," he said.

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Foto Dian Sastro Hamil
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