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Uli Auliani (born in Bandung, West Java, 20 November 1985; age 23 years) is the women of Indonesia. He was known in its role in the film Maskot Pulau Hantu and 2. He is also known as the presenter infotainment Kroscek in Trans TV.

Moved from his city, Bandung, in 2004, the movie stars Uli Auliani had contracted a house with friends for a year. Before the birth of girls is 20 November 1985, decided to live alone. Because Uli was living with friends often conflict and subject to privacy.

"More comfortable when living alone, more privacy. Previously lived with a friend, we women all smth. If women like borrow clothes, but in a return. Uli word, when found in her home in Purnawarman Resindence, Cirendeu, Tangerang, Friday (may / 15).

"I am often subject to privacy. As such as the family I come, but they play music too loud voice, yes, I am so upset. I had to fight but only compete mouth only. Because the friend I borrowed the clothes but I do not favored in the return and it is one year duration.

Uli Auliani Sexy smile Photos

Uli Auliani Sexy Photos

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Uli Auliani Sexy Photos
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