Five Vi Rahmawati

Vivi Rahmawati or common known as the Five Vi was an actress born in Surabaya on 12 September 1979, which became famous at play in the film serial Drama Betawi. Vivi Rahmawati or Five Vi is married with Iwan Budiman Setya male origin Malang - East Java on 12 September 2007, but pernikahannya only lasted for 3 months aka divorce. Five Vi is also known as an actress and star sinetron ad model.

Five Vi Rahmawati sinetron actress known as the star model and the ad. Akting mother's Bilqis Emelisqi this can be found in the event that BETAWI Drama serial broadcast in TransTV.

Vi own is a former wife of a man home in Malang, Setya Iwan Budiman, who officially divorced in 2006. Vi mengugat divorce her husband, after often get some of the violence suaminnya.

Vi and ex-husband, and then drag around the enmity involved seizing the rights over their children's care that, according to Vi and more living in his father's upbringing. To complete the case Vi involve NGOs also participated in Children, National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA) as where the perseteruannya.

The court eventually won Five Vi of the right to foster children. However, the problem is not to finish, because the former husband Bilqis appeal and is still in his father's embrace.

Five Vi Rahmawati

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Five Vi Rahmawati
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