Artika Sari Devi

Artika Sari Devi (born in Bangka Belitung, 29 September 1979; age 29 years old) is the ninth Puteri Indonesia in 2004. Derived from Alberta

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Beauty contest

With 168 cm tall and weigh 47 kg, Artika Sari Devi represents, Bangka Belitung in the arena of electoral Puteri Indonesia 2004. Puteri Indonesia Artika into the age to 25. Although many people be gazed, INTERGRATE to Thailand to attend the Miss Universe arena boasts enough. Women's 168 cm high with this successfully is the only Asian woman who successfully entered in 15 of Miss Universe 2005. Before leaving to become deputy in the arena of Miss Universe, Tia, greeting akrabnya also must face the issue of nude photos that have face the chest with similar. But deny Tia it himself, [1]

Entertainment world

After completing their duties as Puteri Indonesia, Tia active in the entertainment world, a better ad model, presenter, or play movies. The film is also dibintanginya Opera Jawa (2006) and the Planet Mars (2008). In debutnya, Tia achieved in the Best Actress Film Festival 3 Continent Nantes, France. [2] [3] Tia also had to play in the indie movie called Dead Central Bujang Night with Candra Eross. [4]


Until early 2008, graduated from the Faculty of Islamic Law University of Indonesia is Rockface thesis requirement for graduation Strata Two (S-2) Master's program Kenotariatan University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta. [5]

Private life

Tia a relationship with singer Baim for 3 years. They stated to be serious married in 2008. [6] On 23 August 2008, and Artika Baim official to be married. Baim give dowry as a special necklace of gold and 23 grams of cash Rp230.808. [7]


* Opera Jawa (2006)
* Dead Central Bujang Night (2007 - Indie)
* Planet Mars (2008)

Gallery Picture Of Artika Sari Devi

Artika Sari DeviArtika Sexy Smile

Artika Sari DeviArtika Sari Devi Bikini

Artika Sari Deviartika with born shirt

Artika Sari DeviArtika Sari Devi in magazine

Artika Sari DeviArtika place in the Miss Universe

Artika Sari DeviArtika sweet smile

Artika Sari DeviArtika hair ads

Artika Sari DeviIn the arena the daughter of Indonesia 1
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Foto Ariel Peterpan

Biography of Ariel Peterpan :

Nazril Irham or more popular with the call Ariel (born in Pamulang, Tangerang, 16 September 1981; age 27 years old) is a singer that is the vocalist of the group live music. Ariel is the youngest of 3 children with. Childless widower this one is one of popular music groups of personnel Peter Pan and served as a vocalist in the pop-rock band in Bandung is original. Ariel is also registered as a student majoring in architecture Parahyangan University, Bandung.

Ariel PeterpanPeterpan

Ariel PeterpanAriel Smile

Ariel PeterpanAriel with children

Ariel PeterpanAriel in live concert performance

Ariel Peterpan
Ariel sexy pose
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Biografi dan Foto Teuku Wisnu

Teuku Wisnu Career :

Wisnu into the world of entertainment Indonesia started from a car accident. Time, the youngest of four brothers for a car owned and aunt in the accident toll road in the city. Because they do not have money to repair damage to the car aunt, Vishnu, on the advice of friends, the casting of an ad. [1] Since it is her name and start Teuku Wisnu known community. Some sinetron ever dibintanginya among others Culunnya Pacarku, Benar Benar Cinta, Cinta Fitri and. Even as a blessing aktingnnya Cinta Fitri in Farel, Vishnu got grace SCTV Year 2007 Award category Actor Ngetop. Not only sinetron, Vishnu also headline the big screen film, which is due Gue kapok Love (2005) and Lentera Red (2006).

Teuku Wisnu Private life :

Wisnu love with a Jeannia Fitria alias Pipit since the end of 2005. [2]

* Makin Sayang
* True True Love
* Two Hearts
* Culunnya Pacarku
* Hidayah
* EPS Legend Si Manis Jembatan Ancol
* Cinta Fitri
* Zahra


* Due Gue kapok Love (2005)
* Lentera Red (2006)
* Suka Sama Suka (2009)


* Reality Show Love monkey


* Frestea
* Fren
* Pop Mie
* Baso Bakr So Good

Teuku Wisnu (born in Jakarta, 4 March 1985; age 23 years) is the bloody Aceh sinetron. Men who have high 178 cm and weight 68 kg has been a number of star sinetron, film, advertising and had become persenter. Vishnu recorded at this time as Student FISIP University Department of International Relations Moestopo Jakarta.

Teuku Wisnu

Teuku Wisnu smile

Teuku Wisnu
Teuku Wisnu enjoy at the plaza

Teuku Wisnu

Teuku Wisnu with Sctv award trophy

Teuku WisnuTeuku Wisnu style model
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Olga Lydia Pictures and Wallpaper

Olga Lydia cover magazine

Olga Lydia sexy swimming pool bikini

Olga Lydia bikini pose

Olga Lydia is one of beauty actress in Indonesia, Now you can see the most pretty wallpaper on your desktop computer. This i show u the little info about olga lydia :

Bearer event

* Other Sides (Trans TV)
* Jelita (Trans TV)
* Automotive (TV7)
* A1 (Global TV)
* Samsung World (Metro TV)
* News dot Com (Metro TV)
* Good Morning (Trans 7)
* Open House of the Republic of Dream (Metro TV)
* Cooking Adventure (Metro TV)
* Bang Yos Talk (Metro TV)
* OtomotiveTV (Trans TV)
* Beyond Marketing Today (Monday)

Video clip

* Boomerang
* Stanley Sagala
* Caffeine
* Dewa


* 12 AM
* Ekskul

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Syaiful Jamil,Kiki Fatmala Video Incident

The Motif Kiki fatmala brest squeeze by Syaiful Jamil, whether because Syaiful Jamil lust? Then squeeze the breast of Kiki Fatmala ? Hm, or is this an engineering, this incident could be a plot to push up the popularity of the film "Pijat Atas Tekan Bawah" which seems to get less public attention. Can not you? So that eventually attracted the people to see the film, I suspected, but not berburuk things like this seem, tricks campaign in the film business. Now you can watch the video incident about Kiki fatmala and Syaiful jamil in "Pijat Atas Tekan Bawah" movie. And after you see thats video, what are you thinking about this incident???

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Foto Pernikahan Vega ngatini dan Tany Sanjaya

Sunday (3/1/2009) evening, Vega "Ngatini" Dharwanty married to a doctor named Dr. Demma Tany Sanjaya. After 2 years the serious relationship, they finally married, too. Women's wedding which is hosting the event in a talk show on one of the private television in Indonesia was conducted in Building Pewayangan, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Many celebrities who attended, among desta club 80's with Gisel Indonesian Idol coincidence that they also are a serious relationship.

Happy honeymooners for Vega "ngatini" and Dr. Demma Tany Sanjaya ...
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farah quinn health favorite food

farah quinn sexy smile picture

farah quinn in kuta bali beach

farah quinn bikini in swimming pool

Farah Quinn [24] the sexiest and the hottest Indonesian chef. She has long black hair and typical Indonesian skin, cute and curvaceous.
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