Of course we still remember the incident 'Kemben Melorot' experienced by Dewi Tiffana in one event to enliven what atmosphere, which is held by TransTV and broadcast live on it.

Apparently, such events also have been experienced by the city of origin Dangdut singer Jember, East Java, Dewi Perssik. At that time, Dewi was to fill out a session that also directly broadcast by SCTV. And when the show, he also put kemben.

Appear when singing, accompanied by Dewi background dancers who wear costumes similar. Dewi oscillation may be because that is too attractive, causing the kemben the dikenakannya melorot to some 'fruit dada' is visible.

Unlike the original artist beautiful city Gudeg, Yogyakarta, Taffana, the incident because of inadvertence Pierrot Tessy, who experienced a similar incident caused by Dewi goyangannya own.

Dewi swing high while the second and shake hands with the hard shoulder. Of course that does not have any kemben storm in the shoulder, the withdrawal is something modern then become saggy. And there were 'natural' it.

Cash only at the time Dewi panic and try to fix the position kembennya. "Who do not panic? Good khan is broadcast live and must have a way to stop it," he said. In addition to panic, he felt ashamed over these events.
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Dwi Putrantiwi Sexy Pose

Picture and photo collection of Tika putrantiwi Famous Indonesian and sexy celebrity
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Foto Model Indonesia

Photos and beauty of pretty girls they have personality preteen girl model galleries share a few of this favorite models with you Catalogers and she is awesome-beauty and great personalization

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Raline Rahmat Shah

What makes Raline even more unique is her natural beauty and her welcoming smile as you can see from the pictures below.

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