Sandra Angelia is Miss Indonesia 2008, 'going on' previous Miss Indonesia of Kamidia Radisti. Success Sandra Angelia cast aside its 32 competitor, including star of sinetron Beautiful Kartika of Chosen Pelapory as first up runner

Besides woman of birth of Surabaya, 11 May 2008 this, at the same time get title of Miss Favorite beholder choice in performed ajang 13 May 2008.

Ascertained by grad of S1, Architecture University of Western, (Perth) will deputize Indonesia in Miss World ajang 2008 to take place in Ukraina

Sandra Angelia is couple putri of pdt Yusak Hadisiswantoro and pdt Hana Asti Tanuseputra. Sandra represent two have, which since age 13 year live and go to school in Australian. Grandchild owner of church of Bethany, this Abraham Alex Tanuseputra of going to Australian of because of bloody event of May 1998.

Sandra AngeliaSandra Angelia 1Sandra Angelia 2Sandra Angelia 3Sandra Angelia 5

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Thalita Latief or wholy Thalita Annemarie Latief is a film acting star and of sinetron Indonesia. Woman of birth of Jakarta, 6 December 1988 this early career pass Gadis Sampul (2003) and Champion of I Model Kawanku 2004

Thalita have stared advertisement product of Wafer Tanggo, Gery Salut, and also star clip video of grup music of Saykoji (So What loh gitu), Ada band (Kau Auraku) and Bondan (Bunga)

Career Acting of putri youngest of couple of Riki Latief and of Elisabeth this Latief is started from Keong Mas sinetron produce MD Entertainment. Is progressively recognized by moment star hit sinetron, displayed Putri in SCTV

Latter of Thalita widen wing in big entertainment, among stared film, LAWANG SEWU. A film of horror stage manager of Arie Azis.

Thalita Annemarie Latief 3 Thalita Annemarie Latief 2 Thalita Annemarie Latief

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artis seksi,artis bugil

foto syur Liza Natalia

model seksi,model bugil

artis seksi Liza Natalia

cewek seksi,gadis seksi,foto syur artis

model seksi Liza Natalia

LIZA NATALIA IS THE MOST POPULAR AND SEXY INDONESIA DANGDUT SINGER. ARTISTS THIS ambidextrous treat his body, proved that his body MARRIED AFTER FIXED section. A blessing LIZA IS Fanatic aerobic.
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cewek bugil,foto bugil
gadis seksi bugil

Artis seksi dewi dewi in popular magazines was posted some week ago. She is HOT ARTIST with three personel that has great body.
Lingerie: Lady Furthers Confidence

And he saw the woman, but confidence is directly proportional to what they wear women's underwear. And when you speak of "confidence" and "underwear" We do not imply that the successive latex and leather underwear automatically whip woman to see the confidence level. Just wear sexy podprsenku and compliance with a string sexy woman will feel more attractive.

What can find a wife for clothing can not be known in itself and the person she is closely linked to (the mantle despite clothes). The woman knows that sexy underwear can improve its image, sensuality, when the doors. And this dynamic emanated in the way a woman carries itself to the public. It can be lightly clothed, and perhaps even nevkusný clothes, but you can bet that it will be broadcast with confidence lies just below the surface. Here is another term for this confidence lies: attractiveness.

What is the attraction in the depths of the woman. For every man that sex is a call on his tour, at least. Just what is it about transparent lingerie, which makes a woman feel the way it did? This is certainly the impression of clothes in his skin. This softness ... This sensuality. The woman has something in mind that others do not, when worn underwear - it shows in this hnusný smile.
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Sophia Latjuba born in west Germany, 8 August 1970. Former star soap this Lux early width acting in BILUR-BILUR PENYESALAN film at 1987, chummy woman of This Sophie is also known as by model, presenter, advertisement star, and singer. Some solo album and his duet with former its husband, Indra Lesmana, is enough recognized, like tembang Hold On getting appreciation of Best Video Clip in Brasou, Rumania

Sophia Latjuba also partake to star some film like CATATAN SI BOY V (1991), TAKSI (1991), KULDESAK (1999), KETIKA CINTA TELAH BERLALU (1989), VALENTINE (1989), SETEGAR GUNUNG BATU (1988), RIO SANG JUARA (1989).

face of Ayu Sophia Latjuba also come up in a few advertisement like tolak Angin, Betadine, Country Viesta, Digitec Turbo, and advertisement of pariwara soap newest beauty which acted with Eva Celia Lesmana. Sophie also come up in some sinetron: TERLANJUR SAYANG, SETANGKAI BUNGA MAWAR, AKU TAK BERDOSA, DIBALIK ASMARA (FTV), MATA HATI (FTV), TALI KASIH, dan SI KEMBAR, As model, Sophie have posed for dare to in one of the magazine at 1999, and have time to be splashy, because its pose is assumed is naked.

At 18 December 2005, Sophie which is containing married, national man of America, Michael Anthoni Villareal, what still tied with its wife, Louisa Ellen Ibbotson
The Nuptials is nuptials both of Sophie which married with Indra Lesmana at 31 May 1992. that Sophie still have age to 22 year also have to face fact that he pregnant before married. Till finally first putri of him, Eva, born 21 September 1992. Nowadays its attendance of him, Manuella Natasha Azizah make life of complete Sophie progressively, In this time active middle Sophie in social and educational, and fish-net of majors study long distance of Neuro Science in University of Vermint, American.

Sophia LatjubaSophia Latjuba 3Sophia Latjuba 2 Sophia Latjuba 4

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Alyssa Soebandono very known as beautiful artist, though its debut in world of selebriti spelled out members by still very new, but that do not make famous him quickly among world of entertainment indonesia.. many sinetron stared by artist of Alyssa this Soebandono …


Alyssa Soebandono

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Terry Putri or wholy Terry Naharyana Enani Putri is actress, star model as well as television program presenter. Career Terrymengawali as advertisement star a number of product, like Wim Cycle (1996) and PRV Electronic, (1999).

Sinetron which have stared of, among others RADA PAHLAWAN KEBAJIKAN (2000), SARAS PEMBELA KEBENARAN (2001), Ryo, PENYELAMAT BUMI (2002), COWOK OK CEWEK OK-Warkop (2004),PUTRI DUYUNG 2 (2004) and SHEILA (2003-2004).

Whereas As Terry presenter, famous as carrier gossip Insert (Transtv), sport event program (Trans7), some program of game, quiz, take the air and talc of show

Woman of birth of Banjarmasin, 1 December 1979 that is couple Daugther H. Yusrip Enaniey (alm) and H. Tiny Yusrip, and relative of so called woman of Dewi Oktaviana Enani Putri and of Jeananiey Adinda Putri.

Terry Putri 2Terry Putri 4Terry Putri 3

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Sexy Hot Indonesian Singer Syahrini Tattoo Pics

Indonesian Female Singer Syahrini Tattoo Pics foto
Name : Syahrini
Born : Bogor Indonesia, August 1, 1982
Popular Songs : Bohong ( My Lovely Album )
Tattoo Location : Stomach
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Artis Panas indonesia

Artis Bugil, Gambar Cewek Bugil, Andi Soraya Bugil
Andi Soraya he is one of the hot artists Indonesia

Artis bugil, Cewek Bugil, Dewi Persik Bugil
Dewi Persik. a singer who is now a new talented actress

Artis bugil, Cewek Bugil, Wiwid Gunawan Bugil
Wiwid gunawan, Hot artist she profession is Presenter, actress and ads model

Many artists of Indonesia become famous because his acting in the movie, one of the most prominent people in the know is on the hot movies are still many people interested in indonesia, Some famous of the Hot artist is wiwid Gunawan, Dewi Persik, and Andi Soraya, which according to your most heat?
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Sandra Dewi Bugil

Sandra Dewi has the complete name Monica Nichole Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri, she is a model star as well as movie star.Even she is a new comer, Sandra, which like to eat monkey and snake meat so quickly popular after her acting in QUICKIE EXPRESS together with Tora Sudiro and Aming. She also starring cinema electronic.
Artis Bugil, Sandra Dewi Bugil
Sandra Dewi
Sandra Dewi has been issued with naked photo ( Foto Bugil Sandra Dewi ) which released over in internet, however all that naked photos only fake photos.
Since the naked photo gossip , Sandra Dewi is progressively popular as new rising star and famous celebrity.
Her beauty so natural and her soft skin ,make many people fascinated with her.
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Revalina S.temat

Artis Bugil, Cewek Bugil
Revalina Artis Indonesia

Revalina S temat Cantik

Revalina is one of beautiful artist in indonesia, he has a beautiful face of nature, knows what tips revalina in maintaining its natural beauty, her sweet smile, if in front of the camera
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Aura Kasih Selebritis Mari Bercinta

Aura Kasih was Born in Bandung 23 February 1988 , and Indonesia music industry gives one again singer.miss Indonesia 2007 finalist , Aura Kasih, launch the principal album entitle "Malaikat Penggoda".The Hot Song "Mari Bercinta" which energetic with clip video that turn on Aura Kasih sexy pose with minimum clothing bandage

Goyangan Aura Kasih

Aura Kasih
Goyangan Aura Kasih

Aura Kasih (1).jpgAura Kasih (2).jpg
Aura Kasih FHM Magazine

Aura Kasih (4).jpgAura Kasih (3).jpgAura Kasih (5).jpg

Aura Kasih Mari Bercinta

Aura Kasih (6).jpgAura Kasih (7).jpgAura Kasih (8).jpg

Aura Kasih (10).jpgAura Kasih (9).jpgAura Kasih (11).jpg

Aura Kasih (12).jpgAura Kasih (13).jpgAura Kasih (14).jpgAura Kasih (15).jpg

From beginning the appearance, singer Aura Kasih affection has formed sexy image in every the appearance. but Aura Kasih admit never want to let loose sexy clothes.

Follow 'Mari Bercinta' singer that is sexiest must not be seen from appearance. manner speaks and posed to also can be assumed sexy.

" That section can be seen from character. but really a large part man really sexy from physical, " said Aura Kasih met at Pewayangan building, beautiful Indonesia miniature, Jakarta east.

But although such Aura Kasih not dispute if the first clip video really wear minimum clothes with exotic dance. temporary at second clip video also the grand stand appearance, Aura Kasih carefuler in choose clothes.
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Nabila Syakieb is woman bleed the Arab of birth Bogor, 18 November 1985 which have profession to as actress sinetron in Indonesia.


Nabila of early career as model. He is plunged to world of entertainment amusement of since have age to 16 year, moment get away the casting sinetron " Cinta SMU" as Putri. Woman bleed this Arab more and more recognized by a moment star " Anakku Bukan Anakku" stared with Roger Danuarta.



Other Sinetron is which have stared of for example Select;Choose I, The most Love, * Taqwa * together Indra Lesmana Bruggman and Darling. In Sinetron Darling, this University Paramadina coed play together the Baim Wong. Afterwards Nabila play the sinetron Queen by Christian is Sugiono of but its story is newest and briefest is same sinetron Love bareng of other Christian Sugiono star and like Giovani L. Tobing, Alice Norin.
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